ifitisn’t is about the interruptive noise that exists between transmission and the intended reception of the message, the fragments of concrete experience that interrupt hegemony. it is the mapping of emotional and political territories. ifitisn’t is cartographer and rhetoricican.

Electro-Acoutstic Duo

Music For Performance In Art Galleries: ifitisn’t perform in art galleries for joint events with artists. ifitisn’t is an electro-acoustic band available for gigs in London / Yorkshire / UK and beyond; they can be contacted for submissions of work for broadcast, performance or installation via this email address – get in contact with Robinson & Maria to have them play at your gallery.

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An Electro-Acoustic duo playing in London, Yorkshire & the UK.

We Play Galleries

We are an Improv Art band who can play art galleries.

We Play Festivals

We are an electro-acoustic duo ready to play your Arts Festival.

Think Outside The Box

Let’s think outside the box … where do you want us to play?

Our debut EP was released by Focused Silence – more music to come on that label. For more on our debut EP click HERE. We had good write ups in the European Art-Music press.

an electro-acoustic duo

We are based in Sheffield, Yorkshire and we will travel to your event in London, the UK or further field in Europe. Playing small venues where we can lead the crowd on a journey or Arts Festivals; we will leave your audience spell-bound.


Robinson: Modular electronics, double-bass, guitars, sonic sundries. Robinson creates music in art galleries. he creates improvised electronic music for animated films and art projects too. With a background in a jazz-improv duo, Robinson works with his partner in ifitisn’t. His influences are from Henri Pousseur to Charlie Haden, Luc Ferrari to Roger Smith.

Maria Kalnars

Maria Kalnars: Maria is a musician and visual artist. She is plays in the electro-acoustic duo ifitisn’t, along with Robinson. Maria also has a hand in both improvised music, jazz and free jazz. Being the “acoustic” part of ifitisn’t, Maria uses voice, piano, percussives and found objects to great effect. The outcome is to make sounds that move the listener into a relaxed space. An enticing, intriguing and somewhat exciting space.

Create. Play.

Art Music

We are based in Sheffield, so fairly central to most of the UK – we can travel to your event and play our music. After all, a conversation is a good place to start…

Experimental Music.

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